As a doula, Bryne Boyer will assist women before, during and after pregnancy as she experiences the enormous physical, emotional and spiritual changes that prepare her to create and welcome another human being into the world.

Governed by the DONA International Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice, Bryne will support a woman’s choices without judgment and without trying to change her mind or convince her of anything. She will support each family’s right to make decisions about their birth and postpartum experience. Bryne helps women get the information they need to make good decisions. Hiring Bryne Boyer as your doula may be one of the most beneficial and important decisions that you’ll make during your pregnancy.

Window Passage…

Bryne enjoys helping women daily navigate the road of pregnancy. As we journey into motherhood we are transported through a special window passage. One of beauty filled with grace and awareness of life. Come and journey with me to explore the space between to connect and dive into your own Amrit (sacred nectar of life).

Bryne has instructed a Kids yoga practice to Montessori students in North Texas – which teaches children to calm down and reflect, as well as breathe in tough situations, created a Kids intte hip hop yoga program, worked with women who were pregnant and in a treatment center – teaching yoga and assisting as a doula at their childbirth's.

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